To wed within a 400-year history.


The Story of the Andromeda House

Andromeda House was founded in 2009 in Ha’Pisgah Garden in Old Jaffa.Over the years, we hosted thousands of events from Israel and around the world, all constituting various worlds, stories, andespecially people, each of whom had their special moment.We were given the opportunity to be creative and precise and to create peace of mind and confidence for our customers, whether during private events or at conferences and business events.

Over the years, we decided to expand, but it was clear that we would not be leaving Old Jaffa.We descended from the hill in Ha’Pisgah Garden to an antique Ottoman home on Amiad Street.The building’s serene, pastoral courtyard, decorated and enhanced by a Jaffa orchard, contains the touches and colors of our neighborhood.It is a mixture of Middle Eastern, Jaffa, turquoise stone and small pottery urns with good wine, food, music, a dance floor and lots of happy people.

The House

The House

The Ottoman-era home, built in the16th century,is a historically- preserved structure. Theentrance serving the reception is clad in ancient hand-dressed stone; plants cover a series of arches and wooden shutters andlead through the orchard courtyard into the home – awide original structure with a vaulted ceiling and arched windows.

The main hall of the home also has a wine room,which opens through heavy wooden doors and creates a natural connection to the building.Excavations conducted at the site revealed an underground space that has since been restored. It now serves as a guest room where the affair’s hosts can prepare quietly and privately for their events.

The Food

Chef Omri Shahar

1st Stop – TheSea –  Following Omri Shahar’s honorable discharge as an officer in the IDF Naval Commando Unit, he chose an equally interesting challenge
to specialize in all styles and tastes of various cuisines.


2nd Stop- New York

He began studying cooking at The French Culinary Institute (FCI)while interning in restaurants throughout the city. Later, he took a job at the three-Michelin-starred Jean Georges restaurant alongside ChefJean-Georges. From there, he advanced to sous chef at the Union Pacific Restaurantalongside Chef Rocco de Spirito.

3rd StopParis
Omri was accepted to the staff ofArpège,” aunique gourmet restaurant, also awarded three Michelin stars,where he specialized in high-end, precise cooking and complemented his knowledge of other cooking styles.

4th Stop Tel Aviv
In 2000,Omri received a call from a childhood friend and returned to Israel to co-found as a partner the legendary “Odeon” restauranton Ha’Arba’a Street in Tel Aviv.

5th StopMarbella, Spain
Following the tremendous success of “ Odeon,” Omri relocated to Spain and founded the Prado23 restaurantin Marbella, on Spain’s Costa de Sol, where he served as chef and partner up until the last decade.


6th StopReturning Home
Over the past ten years, Omri has returned to Israel,founded a successful event catering enterprise, and cooked in a variety of cuisines for thousands of events and affairs.

Old Jaffa

Based on his accumulated knowledge and experience, combined with his understanding of how to express quality to a large number of guests, affords us the opportunity to bring Omri’s talent, quality, delicious and happy cuisine to the Andromeda House. We are confident that you will enjoy it.


The Hospitality

The Roof Shuk

As part of the experience and our ability to create a pleasant and exclusive hospitality package, we happily offer our customers an alternative accommodation that is of a much higher quality than nearby hotels,closer, moreaccessible and convenient to the Andromeda House.
TheRoof Shuk is a 60 sqm Jaffa studio divided into two spaces,with a large roof overlooking Yefet Street and the flea market.It is a Jaffa gem that we offer as a hospitality alternative with an emphasis on our Andromeda House clientele.

Access to the studio apartment can be as early as13:00 and allow you to begin your special day at a more leisurely pace to concentrate on what is important.You and your friends will have time to get organized, go out for photos and be close to the event site without having to worry about traffic jams,the weather, and especially knowing that there is always somewhere close by to where you can return before the affair.At the end of the event, you will climb just a few stairs to enter your serene and quiet place.

We will always give our couples priority for staying at theRoof Shuk, wherethey can enjoy a special price and, if possible, reserve the studio for several nights or even a weekend.